Here is some research in various domains. All these tools are open source. They were made ​​in a non-commercial setting. If you have any improvements or questions, please feel free to contact me.

1_White Balance Picker for Nuke
You can pick a color on your shot and match this color to a middle grey(default) or the color of your choise.
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2_Stereoscopic Convertor for Nuke
This node can generat a left and a right eye with the 2D render and the Z depth. That is just a fake based on pixel displacement, if you want a real 3Ds, you must render 2 eyes. The main use is for 2D elements like as matte painting.
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3_Environnement Light Tool for Nuke and Maya(Arnold render version)
This tool is use for, conform and publish environment map in Nuke and use them in Maya with simples setting.
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